Suspension of Ranitidine

Following receipt of a national alert, Ranitidine supply will be suspended. We will be taking the following steps to address:

Patients will be issued an SMS containing the following message. Those not picked up by the SMS will be contacted over the phone to advise of the current situation.   

SMS message will read similar to:

‘Ranitidine has been suspended in the EU due to the presence of a probable carcinogen. So we have stopped your Ranitidine. Please take over the counter indigestion remedies such as Gaviscon for 3-4 weeks. If you think symptoms aren’t not controlled, please contact Trinity Medical Centre’.

Following sending of the SMS:

If the patient rings TMC the care navigators are given a telephone appointment with GP or clinical pharmacist.

The options for clinicians are:

  • Continue with over the counter indigestion remedies such as Gaviscon.
  • Try PPI if not trialled before. depending on the indication and possible interactions with other medicines the patient is prescribed
  • Can try increase dose of PPI or take it twice a day.
  • Prescribe alternative to ranitidine. Famotidine and cimetidine are more costly and the latter interacts with ++ medicines.
  • Consider/discuss different management strategies – you may also need advice from a specialist e.g. for children.

For further information please see the link below:

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